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Cassidy Clarke is the originator of the Abby Westminster Adventure series, debuting with The Agent’s Daughter,  and soon to be followed by Hurricane Alley and The Midas Diamond. A fourth novel, The Canary Conspiracy, is in the development stage.


Cassidy recently completed a career working sometimes with and sometimes against one of the most feared government agencies in the free world (*). He now lives in near-complete isolation deep in the Northwest forest not far from the Canadian border. Here he experiences life in the forest and ponders life's less important questions, such as the chances that at least one of the women seduced by Britain’s greatest superspy ended up being “late”—and what happened after that?

(*) - Actually, he's a recently-retired tax accountant, but that doesn't carry a lot of intrigue. And let's face it: Who isn't afraid of the IRS?

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