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The Agent's Daughter 


Feisty young Lady Abby Westminster is about to discover she’s living proof that everybody’s favorite British spy didn’t just shoot “blanks.”

  It's not comforting news to start with, and it only gets worse.  Secret Service Branch MI7 Director Alexander Hawke actually expects her to game up and follow her father’s footsteps!

  Neo-Nazi terrorist Heinz Bernhardt has gone missing, and Hawke fears the malfeasant mastermind is conjuring up a nuke-and-volcano cocktail destined to reduce a continent to radioactive rubble. Abby, it seems, holds the only clue to Bernhardt’s whereabouts, and it’s a lead that she alone can pursue, no matter the danger.

  The action-packed race is on, but Abby faces long odds to prevail in a fateful fight to the finish against the volcano-venting villain. Bernhardt commands a brutal band of trigger-happy henchmen, and the only help Abby can muster comes from an American college student who still watches cartoons and can’t slip a straw into a Big Gulp without thinking about sex.  

  With the fate of the free world and millions of lives hanging in the balance, Bernhardt lurks out there, somewhere, preparing to strike. Only Abby stands in his way—and the countdown to doom has begun.

Hurricane Alley 

Her Majesty’s newest secret agent stalks a crazed genius with destruction in his crosshairs and a hurricane for a blowgun!


Lady Abby Westminster is banged-up and bruised from her first British Secret Service mission, nursing her wounds in the Caribbean. She’s had it with being shot at and worse, and she’s looking favorably on a marriage proposal from a young royal who has come back into her life.


Then MI7 Director Alexander Hawke comes calling.


The Atlantic Ocean is fueling the most violent string of hurricanes ever, and the psychopathic storms seem to have minds of their own. Hawke suspects that Mother Nature is getting human help, so he asks Abby—a geologist—to join forces with American meteorologist Ebony (“Eb”) Biggerstaff. Their first assignment: hop inside a minisub to investigate mysterious geothermal heat patterns on the Cape Verde Rise—patterns that may explain the rogue storms’ turbocharged births. But a traitor inside MI7 has orders to kill Abby and Eb’s mission, and them along with it.

The rollicking, swashbuckling adventure is on—complete with assassins, pirates, paparazzi, and even a mysterious blue ray attacking from somewhere in space! It’s a desperate mission to find and stop the blowing black hat behind the terrifying twisters before the next devastating storm hits land. But forces of evil block Abby and Eb’s every move—whether it’s on the ground, in the air, on the sea or beneath the waves. And the ultimate hurricane-on-steroids is already barreling toward the Gulf Coast… with a madman at the controls!

The Midas Diamond (Estimated Release Spring 2022)

Secret agent Lady Abby Westminster is investigating diamond dealer Damon Van Stone for trafficking blood diamonds, money laundering and assisting terrorists. But taking him down won’t come easy. He fights dirty, and he’s had a lifetime of practice to perfect the art. He also has a Paul Bunyan-sized Canadian lumberjack with a chainsaw hand for an enforcer, and a niece so sizzling hot that she could seduce a Buckingham Palace guard on duty at high noon.


But Abby’s not the only one after Van Stone. Johnson Hightower, a directionally-impaired American Indian and former college track teammate of Abby’s, wants to take the villain down for reasons of his own—and he can’t seem to stay out of her way.


The stakes rise when Abby’s dear friend Peter Smallwood invents technology to produce super-diamond microchips that will rule the electronics world. Van Stone catches word of it, and Peter soon disappears. If Van Stone’s nabbed him, that’s just one more crime to add to the list—but it’s not the only one.


The arms-for-blood diamonds deal of the century is about to go down, and Van Stone’s in the thick of it. It’s up to Abby to literally blow the deal up, even if it means taking her friend Peter with it.

The Canary Conspiracy (Estimated Release Fall 2022)


MI7 Director Alexander Hawke wants Abby to beef up her cover as a geologist, so he sends her back to pounding rocks when an opening comes up on a geologic survey. The survey's objective is to lay to rest a theory that the Western half of the Canary Island of La Palma could slide into the ocean, creating a tsunami that would decimate the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

Abby’s joined by Dewey Long, a youthful but enthusiastic former student intern she met in her first adventure, The Agent’s Daughter. The scientific assignment should be a respite from the violence of her Secret Service missions, but the survey is marred by mishaps and deaths. All fingers point to Dewey as the culprit, but Abby fears something much more sinister is at work. It’s up to her to defend the lad and get to the bottom of the misdeeds before something truly diabolical happens.

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