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  Feisty young Lady Abby Westminster is about to discover she’s living proof that everybody’s favorite British spy didn’t just shoot “blanks.”

  It's not comforting news to start with, and it only gets worse.  Secret Service Branch MI7 Director Alexander Hawke actually expects her to game up and follow her father’s footsteps!

  Neo-Nazi terrorist Heinz Bernhardt has gone missing, and Hawke fears the malfeasant mastermind is conjuring up a nuke-and-volcano cocktail destined to reduce a continent to radioactive rubble. Abby, it seems, holds the only clue to Bernhardt’s whereabouts, and it’s a lead that she alone can pursue, no matter the danger.

  The action-packed race is on, but Abby faces long odds to prevail in a fateful fight to the finish against the volcano-venting villain. Bernhardt commands a brutal band of trigger-happy henchmen, and the only help Abby can muster comes from an American college student who still watches cartoons and can’t slip a straw into a Big Gulp without thinking about sex.  

  With the fate of the free world and millions of lives hanging in the balance, Bernhardt lurks out there, somewhere, preparing to strike. Only Abby stands in his way—and the countdown to doom has begun.

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