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January 11, 2021

The Agent's Daughter is now available on Amazon, both as an e-book ($3.99) and 6" X 9" commercial paperback ($12.95). I plan to run a special offer on the e-book for a limited time at either $0.00 or $.99, once I am better organized. Hopefully, this will happen within the next two weeks, but it may take longer. I am deeply troubled by the actions of the president of the United States and his mob, and it is affecting my ability to get anything done. 

November 17, 2020

The Agent's Daughter is now available for advanced reader copy (ARC) team review. If you would like to join the  ARC team and (hopefully) leave a review on Amazon once the novel publishes, please drop me an email at, which you can either do using your own email service, or under the "CONTACT" tab on this website.

I expect the novel to be published on Amazon before the end of November.

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